30 Till 30 | The End?

Jason Credo
2 min readJan 25, 2023

So this is how the story ends…

Goodbye Twenties—Hello, My Thirties

And so we’ve made it to the final day—for all of you who have read along this last month, I want to say thank you and I’m sorry. Looking back at all the posts, it’s clear that my twenties were interesting, to say the least. Between heartbreak and global pandemics, cross-country moves and microaggressions, loud cats and quiet suffering, I feel like I was hit with a deluge of trauma, but also lessons.

But what are your twenties if not a veritable crash course of life lessons meant to set you down a better path for decades to come? What are your twenties if not your grace period to make so many stupid mistakes on the way to adulthood? What are your twenties if not the perfect time to reflect on your life and learn to accept who you are, who you’ve become, and who you want to be?

And that’s not to say I won’t continue to learn and make mistakes and reflect on my life, but my lexicon has grown significantly in these last ten years and that will help me in the days to come. I am walking down life with a fuller roadmap; I am not just looking out towards the horizon, but watching where I step.

While writing these posts for the last months have been a challenge, I now I know where I’m going because I know where I’ve been.

And so we’ve made it to the first day of a new decade and the first step towards a new and reinvigorated life.

See you in the next decade!



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